Voyage beneath the moonlit tide

The currents of fate hasten through Telara, sweeping you toward the Infinity Gate – and the abyssal realm that waits beyond.

From colossal glaciers to cities that curl under ceiling-seas, the Plane of Water is home to the living dreams of sleeping beings. For ages, its creatures, phantoms, and nightmares have been held in balance by a cosmic watcher. But now his slumber, his realm, and the planes beyond are under siege by forces only you have the power to stop.


A NEw adVenTuRE

Journey to the Plane of Water and quest through three vast Zones filled with new dangers, enemies, and Nightmare Rifts. Summon Aquatic Mounts and explore new environments from sunken lairs to spires soaring into impossible skies.

Master Your Calling

Wield new Mastery Abilities amplifying the power of each Calling as you ascend to Level 65. Take your crafting skills to new heights with Expansion Recipes. Power up with new equipment and even new Equipment Slots!

Legendary Challenges

Battles through 6 new Dungeons, plus a Chronicle, Sliver, and Raid that will test even the mightiest Ascended. Wage war against the queen of fire, lord of nightmares, and the malignant avatar of the plane’s sleeping god!

Minions & More

Recruit and command a host of Minions to seek out hidden treasures, quest with friends of any level using our expanded Mentoring system, and so much more!


Imaginary Threats

Leaders of the Ascended gleaned a first look at the Plane of Water (and the nature of its horrors) in a report from the Empyreal Alliance’s Commander Blaith. Her early findings, reprinted below, paint a haunting picture of things to come...

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Infinity Theft

"Fools!” cackled Alsbeth, as a new wave of corpses clawed their way out of the scorched earth. “Did you think my master would let you escape so easily?"

Her shambling horde was disconcerting, thought Kira. It was too large, its zombies, skeletons, and wights bolstered by otherworldly shapers and their hideous creations.

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Akvan Tiroyogo

Salblet hated the dry air. The skelf could survive indefinitely out of the sea, but his eyes could not make out fine details, and they itched. Still, Grenk had insisted on his company, and one did not refuse Grenk unless you had a school of the Atragarian Guard at your back.

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The fall of Gyel

A Fortune-class dreadnought overtook and scattered the bulk of the invading fleet, plummeting like a bird of prey into the center of the reef. Gyel shuddered under the impact. Its branches wilted and turned to ash, its skeleton blackened and fused into marble, and the soul of the coral tree that had sustained the reef for epochs burst into a living fire.

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Picnic in Draumheim

An elaborate tea party was set out among the grassy fields of the Landquarium. Max the bogling carefully poured tea into tiny cups while Oliver the mallard straightened a waterproof blanket....

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GoboRo ReEf




Four Souls made landfall in Telara in preparation for Nightmare Tide. Meet them below and master their abilities before the expansion arrives!

Arbiters are mages who have studied spells of invulnerability to perfect the art of magical damage mitigation. They taunt and torment enemies with storms and brush off their attacks with shields of ice. Don’t be fooled by the cloth and wand – these mages stand toe-to-toe with Riftstalkers, Paladins, and Justicars on the front lines of battle.

Liberators plunge into uncharted waters for the Warrior Calling: raid healing! They funnel restorative magic through magnetic fields to allies in need, specializing in high sustained HPS and group/AoE heals. If you see a Warrior gleefully flinging absorption shields to friends while hacking at foes, don’t worry—unless they’re not on your side.

Oracles arrive from a dark future where their mastery-level support skills have forestalled the annihilation of Telara. These versatile casters can lift entire raids to triumph with a repertoire of powerful boons, shields, heals, buffs, and curses. As a group member, they’re indispensable. As an enemy, they’re impossible to ignore.

Physicians hail from an era beyond the gods where Clerics’ prayers lay fallow and Rogues heal armies of Ascended across the planes. Trained as alchemical archers, they use ranged abilities to heal and shield friends in need.


RIFT: Nightmare Tide Named Best in Show at PAX!

It’s not often an expansion receives high honors, but our friends at MMORPG have graced us with Best in Show at PAX!

We’re awfully proud of the work the RIFT team is doing on Nightmare Tide, but when we sat down with the crew at MMORPG to give them an early look at the free expansion they were visibly excited.

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Explore Nightmare Tide Collector’s Editions

Three Nightmare Tide Collector’s Editions have surfaced from the depths laden with signature loot paving your way to the Plane of Water!

Prepare for RIFT 3.0 with an Instant Boost to Level 60, new Equipment Slots, an amphibious Shark Mount, and much more – including an exclusive Abyssal Satchel Bag Slot and Companion Pet.

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Preview RIFT 3.0

Long ago when I stepped into the world of Telara, I saw a land that was under siege. Strange beings from the elemental planes ripped holes in the very fabric of reality – creating the rifts. Out of the rifts the enemies of the Ascended poured, growing in power and intensity. Great colossi strode across the land, too powerful for any single Ascended to face. As we banded together to push back the invaders, close their rifts and smash their colossi, I remember the sense of being part of something bigger.

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RIFT is free to play on Glyph, the lightweight game launcher from Trion Worlds!

  • 1. DOWNLOAD GLYPH – the lightweight patcher for RIFT.
  • 2: Install and launch Glyph, then create an account (or log in to an existing Trion Worlds/Glyph account).
  • 3: From Glyph, select RIFT and click INSTALL.

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